Conan O'Brien Introduces 'Apple Health Care' (Satire)

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Conan O’Brien took a swipe at Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) this week with a satirical video introducing “Apple Health Care.” The video is entertaining (and a tad gross at times), and was made in response to Mr. Chaffetz’s assertion that lower income Americans would have to make a choice between health care and buying an iPhone. That comment got a lot of pushback from all over, and Representative Chaffetz kind of walked his comment back, but it was still the subject of late night talk show jokes for a couple of days. That includes TeamCoCo’s satirical swipe (below). It’s yet another example of politics intersecting with technology, Apple in particular.

Bryan Chaffin Talks about How Politics Intersects with Technology

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Chuck Joiner asked me on to MacVoices to talk about Apple, the tech world, and politics. In this video podcast, I make the case that Apple is just plain too big to avoid politics. From regulations, to taxation policy, to international posturing, to the fact that Apple is worth almost US$700 billion, Apple can’t avoid politics. More importantly, the broader tech world itself that it increasingly intersects with tech. I think I spewed off about getting older and struggling to understand Millennials, too. It’s all kind of hazy, but that didn’t stop Chuck from making that part of his title…oh, and check out that key frame he picked. Why did I agree to do this show again? … Oh, right, because I luuuuurve me some Chucky J!

Apple Says No to GOP Convention Over Trump

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Donald Trump, man of orange skin

Apple won’t provide any funding or support to the Republican presidential convention because of Donald Trump’s negatively charged position on women, minorities, and immigrants. Other tech companies are staying out of this year’s event, too, and some are scaling back their support, showing how controversial the Republican presumptive president nominee is.