App Store Connect API Goes Live

Apple announced on Friday that App Store developers can now request access to the new App Store Connect API. The API is designed to further automate tasks and increase the efficiency with which developers can work.

App Store Connect API

App Store Connect API

The API is for internal development, testing, and reporting purposes. It also lets developers customize elements of their internal workflow. The API, which was revealed in June at WWDC this year, will allow developers to:

  • Manage beta builds of their app, testers and groups via the TestFlight tool
  • Send invitations for users to join a team, adjust user permissions, and remove users.
  • Download sales and financial reports.

Apple added that the provisioning functionality announced at WWDC18 will arrive in the near feature.

The App Store Connect API is a REST API in which developers can build custom workflows and automate actions. It requires authorization via JSON Web Tokens. Developers can obtain keys to create the tokens via their organization’s App Store Connect account.

The API returns responses from resources that are consistent JSON data and contain links to additional related resources. These relationships can be used to navigate to other related resources. Furthermore, filtering can be applied to specific resources.

App Store Connect

Developers can request access at App Store Connect. You can watch videos of sessions that discuss the new tool:

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