Apple Announces Everyone Can Create Program for Educators

Apple's Everyone Can Create education program

Apple introduced its Everyone Can Create program for teachers on Tuesday during its “Let’s take a field trip” media event. The program is a collection of resources for using drawing, music, filmmaking or photography in lesson plans.

Apple's Everyone Can Create education program
Apple ties creativity into lessons with Everyone Can Create program

Apple describes Everyone Can Create like this:

Everyone Can Create is a range of free learning resources and teaching guides that help teachers easily weave drawing, music, filmmaking or photography into any lesson, topic or assignment. The curriculum gives students different ways to express themselves and helps them to discover and develop new skills.

Apple says the program is designed to take advantage of the just announced 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support.

Everyone Can Create can be used along side Schoolwork, which is a new app teachers can use to create assignments. Schoolwork also lets teachers build handouts with interactive elements, web links, PDF, and other documents.

The program also supports Classroom, Apple’s tool for managing student iPads, guiding students through lessions, and sharing work. Apple says a beta version of Classroom will be available for the Mac in June.

Like Apple’s other education-focused tools, Everyone Can Create is free. Apple says it’ll start teaching from the program in its stores this spring as part of its Today at Apple sessions for educators.

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Awsome!! thanks for apple….


This is what i wanted, Thanks to Apple for this big Announce.


A quibble, but it’s a little frustrating when Apple names its products after common nouns, non-unique names. Pages, Numbers, SchoolWork. It makes it incredibly frustrating to google an issue you are trying to solve with software and the common name doesn’t snag search results.