Apple Fixed the iOS 10 T-Mobile Bug

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Good news, T-Mobile users. Apple has a fix out for the iOS 10 bug that knocked some iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone SE users off the carrier’s network.

T-Mobile says iOS 10 connection bug is fixed

T-Mobile says iOS 10 connection bug is fixed

Some iPhone 6 series users found they were periodically getting knocked off T-Mobile’s network after upgrading to iOS 10. The fix for the problem is to reboot your iPhone, although you’ll eventually get bumped off again.

T-Mobile started warning its iPhone 6 and iPhone SE customers on Thursday to wait until Apple released a fix before upgrading from iOS 9 to iOS 10. Less than a day later, Apple’s patch is out and ready to go.

The patch is available via the iPhone’s Software Update option, and iOS 9 users who haven’t updated yet should be OK to make the plunge now.

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  1. mrboba1

    Just to be clear, if you had already downloaded iOS 10.0.1, the carrier setting must be upgraded to 25.2.

    25.1 combined with 10.0.1 was the problem.

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