An Update to Apple Music Will Display Album Launch Dates

Apple is rolling out updates for Apple Music today. There will be a new section called Coming Soon, album launch dates will be displayed, and artist profiles will get a new design.

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Apple Music

First, in the Browse tab at the bottom, you’ll soon see a new section called Coming Soon. It lets people check out new albums that are coming out in the next couple of weeks. Find it in Browse > New Music > Coming Soon.

Screenshots of new changes to Apple Music, which will include album launch dates.

Next, album launch dates will be displayed on each album’s page. In the Editors’ Notes section, you’ll see a line that says “Album expected…” followed by the release date.

Finally, artist pages are getting redesigned, although Macrumors reports that this change only shows up in iTunes on macOS for now. Artist pictures will be displayed as a circle, and there will be a new Featured Release section which will include release dates.

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