Apple Tells Developers iCloud Sync Bug is Fixed

Apple Tells Developers iCloud Sync Bug is Fixed

News broke recently about a bug plaguing apps using iCloud Sync services. Developers, unhappy with Apple’s lack of public acknowledgment of the issue, took to Twitter in order to get the word out. On January 26, developers returned to social media to report Apple has claimed the iCloud sync bug squished.

iCloud Sync Bug Caused App Failures

The problem’s been ongoing since November 2021, and has caused developers all kinds of headaches. App users would see HTTP 503 errors, which tells the average person exactly nothing. (It’s a “Service Unavailable” message, if you’re curious.)

Some developers began “baking in” their own ways around the bug. For example, Iconfactory updated Tot to perform its own local backups automatically.

Apple Says It Fixed the Bug

As noted by MacRumors, the Cupertino-based company has begun telling developers the 503 errors are resolved. Apple emailed YarnBuddy developer Becky Hansmeyer, for example, to let her know the it resolved the problem.

Tweetbot developer Paul Haddad said he hasn’t seen any iCloud Sync problem reports for a couple of days. Other developers report the same thing, including Cloud Battery and Transloader user Craig Grannell.

With that said, we are all left to wonder how quickly Apple would have responded without the recent public outcry over the issue. It certainly seems coincidental, and bad form that Apple never made a public statement regarding the 503 errors.

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