Apple TV Finally Returns to Amazon

Apple TV 4K.

After blocking Apple TV sales for over two years, the set top streaming box is available again on Amazon’s website. The change came about a week and a half after the Amazon Prime Video app was released for third generation and newer Apple TV models.

Apple TV 4K
Apple TV available again on Amazon

Currently, the top three search results for Apple TV on Amazon are the 32 GB and 64 GB Apple TV 4K, and the 32 GB fourth generation Apple TV. Unfortunately, they’re all listed as out of stock.

Amazon prohibited Apple TV sales on its site two years ago saying it would confuse customers who bought the device only to find they couldn’t watch Prime Video shows and movies. When Apple announced in June this year that Amazon Prime Video was finally coming to Apple TV, it looked like we’d finally see the device return to the online retailer’s site.

Apple TV showed up on Amazon for a short window in September, raising hopes that the Prime Video app was about to be released. The device quickly disappeared, however, and we didn’t get the app until early December.

With Prime Video available for Apple TV it looks like Amazon was ready to start up sales again, even though you can’t actually get one yet.

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