Amazon Prime Video Available on Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV

Amazon’s long awaited Prime video streaming app for the Apple TV is finally here. Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV launched on Wednesday, fulfilling the company’s promise to deliver the app this year.

Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV
Amazon Prime Video for iPhone, iPad, and now Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV lets Amazon Prime subscribers stream TV shows and movies, including the company’s original content such as Man in the High Castle, Transparent, and Mozart in the Jungle. The app also supports features available on Amazon’s own Fire TV and Fire Stick devices such as adding videos to your Watchlist.

According to Amazon, the new app supports third and fourth generation Apple TV models, along with the fifth generation Apple TV 4K.

Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV was first announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June. There wasn’t any word about the app’s status until a few days ago when Amazon said it was still on track for release this year.

Amazon also released version 5 the iPhone and iPad version of Amazon Prime Video with Universal Search and native iPhone X support.

Amazon Prime Video is a free download, but requires an Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon says the app is a separate download for Apple TV, but hasn’t clarified how third generation Apple TV owners will be able to get it since that model doesn’t support the App Store.

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Anyone who figures out how this works on a 3rd generation Apple TV, please comment with instructions I am VERY surprised (but very pleased) that Amazon included the 3rd gen Apple TV.


It’s just there on mine, make sure you are on the latest but otherwise the baby blueish Prime Video is there.