Amazon Jumps the Shark and Kicks Apple TV and Google Chromecast off Store

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This just in: Amazon thinks it's a platform. According to Bloomberg, Amazon has ordered Apple TV and Google Chromecast devices out of its stores because they aren't compatible with Amazon's own Prime television subscription content.

"Over the last three years, Prime Video has become an important part of Prime," Amazon said in an internal e-mail. "It's important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion."

This, despite the fact both Apple TV and Google Chromecast outsold Amazon's own Fire TV settop device that streams Prime Video.

It's unclear if this is a negotiating tactic to get Prime Video onto those two companies' devices or if Amazon is simply willing to sacrifice sales to boost its own devices. Roku devices, Microsoft's Xbox, and Sony PlayStation devices all stream Prime Video and will remain on the retailing giant's virtual shelves.

Either way, I suspect Amazon is getting way ahead of itself. Amazon Prime is used by some 20 percent of its customers, according to Bloomberg. Prime Video has been hailed as a success, and the company's original content produced for Prime Video, like Transparent, is getting all kinds of kudos.

But, Amazon isn't a platform. It's just not. It's a giant retailer that doesn't profit. People use Amazon because it's cheap and the company's logistics are out of this world. Amazon loves to pull vendors off its shelves in order to promote its own products and services, but it's hard to see how this helps Amazon.

It certainly doesn't help Amazon's customers, and it makes that much less of a destination shopping place.

That said, if it is a negotiating tactic to get Prime Video on Apple TV and Google Chromecast, it could work. I don't care that much about Chromecast in that I'm not particularly keen to let Google add my TV watching to its Bryan Chaffin Portfolio™, but Prime Video is a good fit for Apple TV.

Time will tell on this move, but I think Amazon has jumped way ahead of itself on this one.

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Pity, I was looking forward to the Top Gear guys on Prime. Oh well, I guess not.


This is a dangerous move by Amazon.  Using a dominant position in one market to establish dominance in another.  They probably won’t get into any trouble for this other than a Tsk, tsk from the DoJ, but they just called for closer scrutiny on themselves.  And for what?  A loser product that has already reached the limits of its appeal.


Okay, so Apple didn’t EVER allow Amazon Video on AppleTV and that’s cool. But when Amazon doesn’t allow AppleTV on their store then it’s Amazon who’s the bad guys for wanting to promote their own product? Got it.



That’s just fine by me, Amazon, by its policy of low prices and undercutting, without actually operating on a proper commercial model i.e. making a profit, has successfully put dozens of small bookshops and other enterprises out of business. 

Simple solution, don’t use Amazon. I don’t, if I want a book it comes from the publisher or a bricks and mortar store. If I want music, it comes from a local record store or the Artist or their label.  If bought online the delivery mechanism remains the same.

My philiosophy?  Use it or lose it.


The current atmosphere around streaming reminds me of the bad old days of PlaysforSure® in many ways, it’s still all being shaken out. I expect that ultimately Amazon Prime video, if it doesn’t cease to be altogether, will morph into something akin to Netflix, it will stream to everything. Honestly, given their history with hardware vs. their actual forte - their services and other people’s goods - Amazon are fools to not head in that direction now, in my opinion. They sure do seem to love to set money on Fire(phone), and yeah, we’ll likely hear nary a whimper from the DoJ, or worse, it will somehow be Apple’s fault. raspberry

Also, there’s nuance that you’re missing there, Urkel, and I don’t feel inclined to take the time to explain it.

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