Apple Launches Fitness-Focused ‘Apple Watch Connected’ Initiative

Today Apple announced a new initiative called ‘Apple Watch Connected’. By partnering with certain gyms the company wants to make it easier for Apple Watch users to use these facilities (via CNBC).

Apple Watch Connected

In order for a gym to join the program they must meet these three requirements:

  1. Create a gym app for iPhone and Apple Watch that lets people track their fitness, view available classes, and log in with their gym account.
  2. Offer an option for members to earn things by having an Apple Watch. One gym will give people weekly credit around US$3-US$4 if members meet certain fitness goals. The credits then apply to the next month’s bill.
  3. Accept Apple Pay as a payment option, so people can use an Apple Watch as their only device and leave the iPhone in the car.
  4. A fourth, option requirement: Offer workout machines that support GymKit. GymKit machines can automatically sync workouts to an Apple Watch.

So far, gyms that are launch partners include Basecamp, Crunch Fitness, Orangetheory, and YMCA. Aside from having to meet the above requirements it’s free for gyms to join the program.

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