Apple Watch Ultra Isn’t in Short Supply, But Apple Watch Bands Experiencing Shipping Delays


Reports from Mark Gurman’s “Power On” Newsletter suggest that Apple Watch Ultra bands are in low supply and are facing shipping delays.

While the Apple Watch Ultra itself is currently available, Gurman stated that several different bands are currently experiencing shipping delays.

Gurman: Apple Watch Ultra Bands Experiencing Shipping Delays

With somewhat recent reports of Apple customers having issues getting ahold of the latest iPhone 14 series, this news may come as a surprise to some. While the new Apple Watch Ultra is currently shipping from Apple’s Online Store, reports are indicating that getting ahold of certain Apple Watch Ultra bands is easier said than done.

Within his latest “Power On” newsletter, Gurman stated,

Good luck finding a new Apple Watch Ultra band. Customers ordering the new model are facing weeks of shipping delays, and it could have more to do with the new set of watch bands than the device itself. If you’re looking for a Trail Loop in any size or color or the orange Alpine Loop in large, good luck. The Trail Loop isn’t shipping until November in yellow or blue in either size, while the medium/large strap in black won’t arrive until the week before Christmas. The orange Alpine Loop won’t arrive at this point until mid-November.

Checking Apple’s Official Online Store, Gurman’s reports do seem accurate. While the Small and Medium sized Orange Alpine Loops are currently available, the Large will not be available until the beginning of November.

However, the Trail Loops are incredibly popular with customers, as many of them won’t be available until mid-November, though none of them seem to currently have a delay until the week before Christmas as Gurman suggests. Right now, the latest delay seems to be for the Black/Gray Trail Loop, which the M/L size sees a delay until Nov. 17 to Nov. 23.

Looking to November

With the release of the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple also showed off three different Watch bands available for the device. The new Trail Loop is meant to be light and comfortable during workouts. The Trail Loop also features “extra stretch” built into the webbing for an optimal fit. The Alpine loops are made from “two textile layers seamlessly woven into one continuous piece without stitching”. Additionally, reinforced loops give it a tight fit.

Lastly, the Ocean Band is made from fluoroelastomer rubber, making it lightweight and flexible. It also features a titanium buckle and a “spring-loaded titanium adjustable loop that secures through the tubes”. An attachable band also allows users to wear their Watch over a wetsuit.

As we get closer to the holidays, the shopping season may make it more of a challenge finding bands.

Do you have an Apple Watch Ultra? Have been had trouble getting bands from the Official Apple Store? Let us know in the comments.

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