New Service Cryptee Gives You a Private Google Docs

Redditor u/johnozbay announced this morning that he created a service called Cryptee, which aims to give you a private Google Docs, as well as encrypted storage for documents and photos.

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Mr. Ozbay describes Cryptee as a “cross-platform, zero-knowledge, client-side AES256 encrypted, Documents and Photos application/service. It’s meant as a secure and private alternative for Evernote/Bearnote & Google / Amazon Photos.”

Screenshot of private Google Docs service Cryptee.


  • KaTeX math

  • Code in 22 languages

  • Markdown

  • Inline # tagging

  • To-do lists

  • File attachments to documents

  • Embed images, video, audio, PDFs etc.

  • Live-sync

  • Bulk import from other note apps


  • Bulk uploads, albums, smart search and a few other small niceties.

An important feature of Cryptee is called Ghost Folders. These folders are completely hidden and can only be accessed by searching the exact file name. This gives you plausible deniability in the case you are forced to access your Cryptee cloud.

Cryptee is a progressive web app, so it works on all platforms. The advantages that Mr. Ozbay says this brings are:

  1. There’s no need to worry about app store download history
  2. No need to trust app stores
  3. It works on OS X, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS & Android (and probably even windows phones)

Cryptee has a free account tier and a paid tier. Under the free tier you’ll get 100MB of storage. The paid tier gives you 10Gb of storage for US$3 per month. If you need more storage it’s US$3 per additional gigabyte. However, if you use the code redditprivacy you’ll get 10% off for life.

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