DNC Wants Democrats to use iPhones and Ditch Android

The DNC wants democrats to start using iPhones and ditch Android. Especially if the Android phones were made by certain Chinese companies that are a little too friendly with the government.

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Time to Ditch Android

Bob Lord, the DNC’s first chief information security officer (CISO?) mentioned that Apple always patches iOS devices with the latest security fixes.

Although Google issues security patches too, every phone manufacturer has to update phones in a timely manner, and almost none of them do. Apple has a commitment to security and privacy that Google and other phone manufacturers just can’t (or won’t) match.

Right now the DNC prefers Apple devices anyway, but it sounds like they are thinking of going even further in the future.

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Ahh yes, the same DNC that Hillary bailed out with millions and then ran Bernie out of town. That says it all about the corrupt DNC. Meanwhile (left turn) Android just keeps crushing it: from WSJ: Alphabet Inc.’s GOOGL 1.47% Google is making a major push into the auto industry, partnering with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance to use the tech company’s Android operating system to power media display that will eventually be sold in millions of cars world-wide. The auto-making alliance, which together sells more vehicles than any other auto maker, is picking Google to provide the operating system for its… Read more »