Developer for Xiaomi Looking to Imitate the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island


A developer working on Xiaomi UIs is looking to recreate Cupertino’s Dynamic Island experience from the iPhone 14 Pro on their own flagship smartphones.

The developer plans to integrate the hole-punch cutout into an interactive and dynamic area on the display, much like Apple’s new Dynamic Island.

Developer Xiaomi Recreates Apple’s Dynamic Island

In a tweet, the new theme, dubbed Grumpy UI, shows a brief run down of how the theme utilizes the hole-punch cutout at the top left of the display. The video shows the users displaying what song is currently playing. According to the developer, the theme is currently under review for approval from Xiaomi. According to reports, Xiaomi recently rejected a previous attempt by a developer to bring Dynamic Island to its devices.

The new Dynamic Island feature is a new area at the top of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max that integrates the TrueDepth camera array directly into the iOS experience. Additionally, the iPhone 14 Pro uses Dynamic Island to show relevant alerts, notifications and information at the top of the display. For example, it will display Now Playing, Live Activities, AirPods alerts and more.

Looking to China

For Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, the company certainly knows how to make headlines. Way back in January of 2019, the company revealed a double-folding smartphone. While the phone does indeed look impressive, it seems it still has not made it to market. However, even if it did come to market, it would likely not be available within the United States.

In slightly more humorous news, Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi was caught using an iPhone. With the discovery found within a post on Weibo, the company reminded audiences that there is no official stance or rule concerning officials and staff using competitor products.

Concerning the iPhone 14 lineup, the series became available for preorder last Friday. All models, save for the iPhone 14 Plus, will begin arriving to customers Friday, Sept. 16. The iPhone 14 Plus will be available Friday, Oct. 7.

Would you try a fake iPhone UI, or do you prefer to stick to the “real deal”? Let us know in the comments.

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