New Privacy Feature Coming to iOS 12.2

A new privacy feature will be coming to iOS 12.2 that restricts access to the device’s accelerometer and gyroscope sensors (via DigiDay).

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iOS 12.2 Safari

This will be a Safari feature, so websites have to ask permission to access these sensors. It sounds like it will be on a per-app basis, rather than a per-website basis.

iOS 12.2 safari privacy toggle
Credit: MacRumors

So instead of every website that uses this data asking permission, you might see a popup saying “Safari requests access.” This is similar to how it already restricts camera and microphone access.

Advertisers are worried this feature will break AR/VR ads on websites, which rely on your device’s motion and orientation in space. As DigiDay points out though, it won’t completely stop people from seeing these ads. You’ll just have to give them permission, which in my opinion is a good thing.

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