Since iOS 13 Location Advertisers Have Seen Less Data

Location symbol on a map.

When iOS 13 was introduced in 2019, one feature added was alerts for apps that access your location in the background. It’s not good news for location data advertisers (via Digiday).

Location Data

Ad tech company Teemo said that its opt-in rates for location sharing is below 50%, when three years ago it was closer to 100%. But this is due to apps that automatically share location data without people being aware of it. But thanks to iOS 13 people are aware, and privacy is prevailing.

Paul Kasamias, managing partner at Publicis Media agency Starcom:

This also impacts the ability to tie users that research online and purchase in store or driving, and measuring footfall for clients becomes far more opaque. The drop in spend is also likely to come via small- to medium-sized advertisers, where cost efficiency is paramount and there is a physical footprint, as targeting the right user at the right time will become more difficult.

The location data that’s left has become more valuable. There is a drop in location data using GPS, and more lower-quality data using carriers, IP data, etc. But according to these ad tech executives, the market for location data is still active.

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