New Video by Apple Details Capabilities of iPhone 14 Pro’s Action Mode


A new video circulating the web shows off the capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro’s Action mode. A commission by Apple, the video shows the prowess and adaptability of the new camera.

Action mode is available across all iPhone 14 devices, and can help stabilize a shot while filming video.

New Video Explores iPhone 14 Pro’s Action Mode

As spotted by AppleInsider, a new video detailing the iPhone 14 Pro’s Action mode is making the rounds across the internet. The 2:38 video highlights several different ways creators can get some captivating shots through their iPhone 14. Sources also note that the feature needs to be turned-on by the user, and will reduce the overall resolution of the footage.

The video details four different tests involving the iPhone 14 Pro going against a camera lacking stabilizing equipment. The result being that the iPhone 14 Pro is capable of taking well-stabilized footage, and can be quite useful for content creators that like to move.

The first test involves two camera operators exchanging the iPhone 14 Pro in a handoff. Normally, a lack of proper stabilization would cause quite a bit of the footage shaking due to the exchange, but Action mode keeps things smooth.

Test two involves filming basketball players as the camera operator jumps on a trampoline to create a dynamic Aerial Tracking shot. Meanwhile, test three includes filming a juggler while the camera operator implements a 360° shot. Lastly, test four involves the operator getting inside a large tire to create a rolling shot with the iPhone 14 Pro.

It’s always fun seeing the capabilities of an iPhone camera. While there were some issues with the iPhone 14 Pro camera upon release, the issues are now resolved in thanks to iOS 16.0.2, and Apple continues to promote the camera in exciting new ways.

Shot on iPhone

A recent ad back in September showed the capabilities of the camera through a high-speed chase, as well as other intense situations. There’s also several content creators on YouTube that like to show the capabilities of the iPhone 14 camera.

Of course, rumors are also circulating that the iPhone 15 may feature a periscope lens, which can only further extend the prowess of Apple’s camera, especially for creators.

Concerning the iPhone 14 Pro, there have been reports of production issues, of which Apple is currently seeking to resolve.

Have you taken any interesting footage with your iPhone 14 Pro? Let us know in the comments.



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