AR Quick Look Lets Retailers Sell Products in Augmented Reality

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In 2018 Apple added a feature to iOS called Quick Look. It lets apps and websites embed USDZ files so people can use augmented reality to see how the object looks in the real world. Apple is now letting retailers use it to sell products (via TechCrunch).

AR Quick Look

Developers can now add a customizable button to Quick Look. This means a retailer could add a button to activate Apple Pay and purchase a product. Other possible configurations include a button for customer support, or a button to see which local stores have the product in your area.

Screenshot of 3D models on AR quick look website

Another new feature is spatial audio. 3D models via USDZ will be able to product sound from wherever they’re placed in the room via augmented reality. The sound changes depending on the location of the model.

Retailers rolling out these features this week include 1-800-Flowers, Bang & Olufsen, Home Depot, and Wayfair.

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