AirTag Firmware Update Rolls Out, Here’s How to See if Your Tracker is Up to Date

Apple is pushing out a new firmware update for its AirTag personal item tracker. The new firmware version is 1.0.291, and here’s how to see if your AirTags are up to date.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t offer a way to force AirTag firmware updates to install. Instead, you have to wait for yours to update on Apple’s schedule. You can, however, check to see which firmware version is currently installed on your tracker.

To check the firmware version on your AirTag, to this:

  • Launch the Find My app on your iPhone
  • Tap Items
  • Tap your AirTag in the Items list
  • Tap the AirTag’s name to show the device serial number and firmware version

AirTag is Apple’s tracker device. It’s small enough to toss into a bag or attach to your keys. If your tag is close enough, your iPhone can lead you right to it. If it’s out of range, it’ll use nearby iPhones to anonymously send its location to you.

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