Apple added a new flagship model, dubbed iPhone X, to its smartphone lineup on Tuesday. The new 5.8-inch model sports an OLED screen, Face ID instead of Touch ID, and inductive charging support.

Phil Schiller and iPhone X

The iPhone 8’s OLED display includes True Tone color correction, like the iPad Pro. since it covers the phone’s front surface the physical Home button has been replaced with a an on-screen software version.

Face ID and TrueDepth Camera

Touch ID has been replaced with facial recognition, called Face ID, for unlocking the phone as well as authentication for Apple Pay and other purchases. The system utilizes a built-in infrared camera called TrueDepth to map and detect your face, regardless of glasses, hair, hats, etc. Like Touch ID, it is built around Apple’s Secure Enclave to keep facial data safe and secure.


Apple announced Animoji, or animated emojis that use the TrueDepth camera to map your facial expression to an animated emoji.

Wireless Charging with Qi

The iPhone X includes inductive, or wireless charging, support so users can recharge their phone battery by setting the device on a special pad instead of plugging in a cable. The company said it was using the already-established Qi platform for its wireless charging.

The phone’s body is reminiscent of the iPhone 4 with a glass front and back, plus a metal band running around the edge.

iPhone X Camera

Apple said that the TrueDepth camera can be used to take selfies in Portrait mode. The rear camera features a 12 megapixel sensor and Slow Sync flash.

iPhone X Battery Life

iPhone X has two hours more battery life than iPhone 7, suggesting Apple listened to us that we want battery over thin.

iPhone X Processor

Like iPhone 8, iPhone X is powered by the new A11 processor that is 25% faster than the A10 in 2-core mode and 75% faster in 4-core mode.

iPhone X will ship with iOS 11 pre-installed and ship on November 3rd. Customers can preorder October 27th. It will be priced at US$999 for a 64GB model. Apple didn’t announce pricing for a 256GB model.

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can we send animojis to other iPhones?
will it be available to normal message except iMessage? and 3rd party apps too? can we expect?

Lee Dronick

The 8 and 8 Plus offer nothing compelling to upgrade from the 7 series

Perhaps not, but it certainly does if one has a 6, 5, or earlier, Android devices too


The 8 and 8 Plus offer nothing compelling to upgrade from the 7 series. The X is interesting, but nowhere near enough features to spend $1150.00. I don’t think they will sell huge numbers until they start offering significant upgrade trade in rebates or other incentives.


With the Face ID unlock and the new gestures, getting this phone would require me to change a bunch of my muscle memory. I’d like to know it is worth it before buying. The iPhone 8 would be more like what I’m used to. Bold and new or tried and true?

Lee Dronick

The iPhone 8 would be more like what I’m used to.

Remember rotary dial telephones and party lines, calling an Operator to place a long distance call. 😀

For me the debate is getting an iPhone X now or waiting for its features to show up in the iPhone IX

A new Apple Watch is on my wish list for Christmas. I, well also my wife, still have a 1st generation one.

Lee Dronick

“You know that True Tone is applied at the factory.”


Most likely the one I want or will get. Can’t wait to hear the discussion on the other ones. All right everyone start now: