CES – Two New Kids Robots Offer Fun Coding Education

A sample family robot/guardian

Two kids robots are debuting at CES that aim to help teach kids to code. One is a wooden toy named Cubetto that uses blocks that you put on a control board to tell the robot where to go. The other is Augie, and it’s a big more sophisticated that uses augmented reality.


Cubetto offers a coding language in the form of blocks. There are seven blocks and each one represents a function: left, right, forward, function, backward, negation, and random. You put the blocks on the control board, to tell the robot what to do. Hit the button and the robot executes the program.

There are big floor maps, story books, and challenges for your child to do. Cubetto is available to buy for US$225.


Unlike Cubetto, the Augie robot requires an iPad to use as a controller. It comes with a free app with coding tutorials with standards set by Code.org. It aims to improve hand-eye coordination in addition to coding with certain play patterns that use artificial intelligence.

You can control Augie with over 100 commands, so you can design your own games and record sounds for Augie to perform. Augie is available to buy now for US$199.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Augie could work with other Pai Technology toys, but in fact the Augie is a standalone device.

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