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clario digital security launch

The security of your information on the Internet is a huge deal, and a growing problem. Email accounts are hacked daily, and scammers send fake emails trying to get your passwords. Other personal information like credit card numbers and Social Security Numbers are leaked at an alarming rate. While there are plenty of apps that help protect your personal information, most can be confusing to the average user. Even macOS and iOS can allow information leaks if you aren’t careful. A new app and service was recently launched to solve that problem. Clario offers you digital security that doesn’t require a computer science degree to understand.

clario digital security launch
Digital security can confuse, but Clario has launched to provide no-compromise cybersecurity without technical jargon

Why Digital Security Is Important

Cybercrime is a huge problem, and it’s only getting worse. Right now, cybercriminals cost us $6 trillion each year, plus countless hours of hassle and inconvenience. Think about what might happen if you have to cancel your credit cards. There’s the time you spend on the phone, securing your card, then waiting for your new card to arrive in the mail. In the meantime, you and your money are in a long-distance relationship.

You might not know how to deal with such problems, but Clario does. With your subscription, you have 24/7 access to more than 600 experts to give you advice and immediate support. They can walk you through removing malware, changing your passwords, voice assistant, or device privacy settings, and more. Not only does the Clario software make digital security simple, but the experts are available if you still have worries.

Protecting Your Information on All Your Devices

Clario is available now for macOS, iOS, and Android. Windows support is coming soon. This digital security software is both easy to use and simple to understand. Rather than baffling you with jargon, like VPN, SMTP, IMAP, or others, Clario simplifies things.

In Identity, you can enter your email addresses for monitoring. Under Browsing, your able to set up private browsing to prevent your Internet provider from tracking you, set your browsing location (so you don’t lose Netflix), or turn on the ad-blocker. Tap on Network, and you can turn on automatic encryption whenever you are connected to an unprotected Wi-Fi network.

Clario’s Digital Security Launch

Right now, Clario can protect your Internet browsing experience and keep tabs on possible data breaches in your email accounts. The software protects your cybersecurity on iOS, macOS, and Android. Windows support is planned for a future release.

In an upcoming update, Clario will sart monitoring your personal information, like your Social Security Number. This is vital, since Clario’s competition already offers this.

Clario’s annual subscription is $99, and people who register during the month of July will get that rate locked in for life. You can also sign up for a monthly plan for $15 per month, and both rates will cover up to three devices (but as many email addresses as you have!)

Be sure to stay tuned, as I’ll be doing a full review of Clario in the near future. In the meantime, be sure to download and install Clario to see for yourself the way digital security can be easy to understand.

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