iFixit Posts Teardown of the 2021 iMac 24-inch

2021 iMac iFixit teardown

iFixit posted a teardown of the 2021 iMac on Monday, showing us the advances that Apple has made in its newest Mac.

2021 iMac Teardown

Although Apple showed this at its spring event, one X-ray image from Creative Electron shows just how small the logic board is—everything is inside the chin and a strip at the top.

Based on that image, the team raised questions:

  • The new iMac’s interior is dominated by two huge metal plates. What are those for?
  • The Apple logo provides a convenient RF pass-thru for some antenna hardware—but unlike in the past, the antenna itself is not Apple-shaped.
  • Almost all of the silicon is concentrated into narrow horizontal strips at the top (the display board) and bottom (main logic board). If you’ve seen our other M1 Mac teardowns, you might’ve expected this.
  • PS: Are those two circles in the middle coin cell batteries?

The full post can be found here.

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