Logic Pro 10.4.5 Update Supports the 2019 Mac Pro

Logic Pro X is Apple’s professional music production app. Logic Pro 10.4.5 comes with performance improvements and optimizations to let it take full advantage of the 2019 Mac Pro.

Logic Pro 10.4.5

  • Supports up to 56 processing threads
  • Runs up to five times more plug-ins
  • Supports up to 1,000 audio tracks and 1,000 instrument tracks
  • Supports 1,000 auxiliary channel strips, 1,000 external MIDI tracks, and 12 sends per channel strip
  • Improved responsiveness of the Mixer and Event List when working with large sessions
  • The loop browser can filter by loop type and allows drag and drop of multiple loops into your project simultaneously.
  • The redesigned DeEsser 2 plug-in provides more options to reduce sibilance on audio tracks.
  • MIDI beat clocks can be sent to individual ports, each with unique settings like timing offset and plug-in delay compensation.

logic pro 10.4.5

Logic is my primary creative tool for composing music, playing a key role in creating the scores for ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ and ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.’ When you’re working, time is incredibly valuable and you never want to lose the flow of new musical ideas. I’m really excited to see the increased performance of Logic Pro X 10.4.5 along with the power, expandability and configurability of the new Mac Pro — together they will help me work even faster and let me focus more on being creative.

—Daniel Pemberton, composer for “Black Mirror,” “Yesterday” and “Ocean’s 8

Logic Pro 10.4.5 is available in the Mac App Store for US$199.

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