macOS 10.13.1, iOS 11.1 Public Betas Ready for You to Install and Abuse

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If you’re looking for something to do this weekend and are into playing with pre-release software, Apple’s public betas of macOS High Sierra 10.13.1, iOS 11.1, and tvOS 11.1 are out.

iPhone and iPad iOS 11 public beta now available

Apple rolls out new macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 public betas

It doesn’t look like there are major changes in these beta releases and instead seem to be bug fixes and minor refinements. Apple released the developer betas on Wednesday and followed up with the public betas on Thursday.

Like any other beta software, be sure you have a good backup before installing them on the off chance something goes horribly wrong. That said, we haven’t encountered any show stopping issues in these beta releases.

If you want to participate in the public betas, point your browser to Apple’s public beta website and sign up. It’s free and gives you a voice in shaping Apple’s operating systems.

Alternately, you could go outside and enjoy this weekend’s fall weather.

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I am having trouble with my iPhone 5S after having update to iOS 11.0.1 Now I see that already Apple is releasing iOS 11.1 – they must be reading fast to al of the problems that are being reported. “All of the problems…” I stopped looking after scrolling through 26 pages of iOS 11.0.1 problems that were reported on the Apple Support site this past week. I have no idea how many more pages of listed problems there are. So why isn’t anyone in a position similar to yours giving folks the high sign about not updating to iOS 11.0.1… Read more »