WWDC 2020: macOS Big Sur is the Platform’s Biggest Design Change Ever

macOS Big Sur includes some of the biggest changes in design and Safari in years. The design language copies iOS while keeping certain UI elements unique to the Mac. Here are some of the macOS Big Sur features coming.


Like I said, the design is reminiscent of iOS. As Apple says, “Everything from the curvature of window corners to the palette of colors and materials has been refined, and new features provide even more information and power.”

Buttons and controls appear when needed, the top menu is translucent, the iOS Control Center has been added, and the Notification Center has been redesigned.


Safari is faster and more private than ever before. Apple’s data says that loading pages on average is up to 50% faster than on Chrome. We’ll see more tabs onscreen, a customizable start page, favicon, identifying open tabs, and Privacy Reports for websites.


Messages on macOS and iOS are now aligned. We’ll get better search, pinning conversations, message effects, Memoji, group messaging features like replying to messages and typing a person’s name to direct a message to them.


Apple Maps offers users better features to plan trips like a 360-degree view of a location in Look Around, custom guides of restaurants and parks, as well as curated Guides from companies. You’ll see cycling options and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Developer Tools

Developers can offer Family Sharing for in-app purchases and app subscriptions, and a WebExtensions API mean they can easily bring extensions to Safari from other browsers. SwiftUI is used in more places, and developers can add custom features like Preferences windows.

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