PSA: Panic Suspending Sales of Transmit iOS

Transmit iOS on iPad

Panic announced Friday that it will soon suspend sales of Transmit for iOS, the company’s file management and transfer software for iPhone and iPad. The company cited low sales and overlap with Apple’s new Files app for iOS 11 as reason. Panic also specified that Transmit for Mac is doing very well, as are Coda iOS and Prompt iOS, its other iOS titles.

Transmit iOS on iPad
Transmit iOS on iPad

Panic Statement on Transmit iOS

Transmit iOS made about $35k in revenue in the last year, representing a minuscule fraction of our overall 2017 app revenue. That’s not enough to cover even a half-time developer working on the app. And the app needs full-time work — we’d love to be adding all of the new protocols we added in Transmit 5, as well as some dream features, but the low revenue would render that effort a guaranteed money-loser.

Panic also said paid upgrades remain a problem on iOS, making further revenue even harder for the software. Why Apple hasn’t solved this is beyond me.

Transmit iOS remains available now, and Panic said that users should download the latest update as soon as possible. Once the app is suspended, automatic updates through the App Store end. The latest version—Transmit iOS 1.3.9—includes full support for iPhone X.

On People Who Recently Bought Transmit iOS

From the company:

Finally, any customers who purchased Transmit iOS in the last 60 days or so should contact us — because that sucks. While Apple doesn’t provide us with the ability to provide you with a refund, we’ll do everything we can to help.

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