Check Out The WWDC20 Playlist on Apple Music

WWDC20 playlist artwork

The WWDC20 playlist is here on Apple Music. The opening playlist features Glass Animals, Alicia Keys, while other collections have The Killers, AURORA, and Weezer.

WWDC20 Playlist Collection

That’s right, there’s more than one playlist. It’s a collection with names like Power Up, Coding Energy, and Coding Focus. Apple shared a couple of stories from people using music in their work. Developer Sam Rosenthal said in his Apple Arcade game he paid homage to bands he listened to growing up.

A lot of the bands that I really loved… They didn’t stick with one sound. Every time we make something, it should be different from the last. It should surprise people.

Several of the Swift Student Challenge winners featured music in their Swift Playgrounds. Henrique Conte, a winner from Brazil, like to listen to French music while he codes:

Learning new languages is one of my passions because it allows us to connect with the world and understand cultures.

WWDC20 playlist artwork

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