Reddit User Discovers Potential iPhone 14 Accessory, Manufacturer Possibly Taking a Gamble


According to Reddit, it looks like some third-party peripheral manufacturers are getting the jump on developing iPhone 14 accessories. Today a reddit user has revealed that they have received a “Gorilla Glass” accessory that support the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and strangely, the iPhone 14.

Reddit User Finds Interesting iPhone 14 Accessory

User Kasain28 shared an image of what looks to be a screen protector featuring “4D Gorilla Glass”. The user stated that they work for “the biggest electronics retailer in my country”. The user asks if this means the iPhone 14 will have the same front as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

Kasain28 states that they are from a “reputable brand” but does not disclose who the manufacturer is.

Reddit user Kasain28 has posted a photo revealing a possible iPhone 14 peripheral. (Photo Credit: Kasain28).

As user sony-boy pointed out, and as we have covered, this so far confirms the rumors that have been circulating. It has been rumored for awhile that the iPhone 14 base model will keep the same notch as the iPhone 13. However, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models will likely have the hole-pill punch style front display.

The post itself does not provide new information about the iPhone 14. However, it does at least confirm that some third-party companies are already beginning to manufacture peripherals for the device. Whether or not this is actually a correct peripheral remains to be seen. Additionally, as the original user did not post where they worked or where they live, the accessory could have arrived from anywhere.

Looking for the Real Deal

With the announcement of the iPhone 14 being two months away, it is pretty unlikely that we’re looking at an authentic peripheral. With AliExpress currently selling dummy iPhone 14 models, it is probable that whoever designed this case simply used the models floating around. That, or they may be going off CAD designs.

Furthermore, it is likely that the company is simply trying to get the jump on the market this fall. Should they luck into getting the dimensions right, this can be a huge lead in the market.

Concerning the iPhone 14, the discussion is whether or not the base model will have the latest A16 chip. Reports from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicate that Apple may reserve the A16 for the higher-end iPhone 14’s. The base model would stick with last year’s A15.

With a myriad of supply chain issues this year, this may be a necessity for the company.

The iPhone 14 is likely to see a keynote address September 13.

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