'Libreddit' is a New Frontend Client for Reddit Designed for Privacy

Libreddit is a new frontend for Reddit, written in Rust, that aims to preserve privacy. The developer shared the service on r/Privacy. “Reddit tracks a lot of data but Libreddit logs nothing and uses no JavaScript by default so client-side monitoring isn’t possible. There are 35 community-hosted instances that can be used to access Libreddit; one can spread their traffic across multiple for even more privacy. 7 of our instances are .onion hidden services so you can browse Libreddit using Tor.” Official Instance: https://libreddit.spike.codes.  If this gets too slow due to traffic, use another instance.

Reddit Announces Public Bug Bounty Program

For the past three years Reddit has maintained a privacy bug bounty program for cybersecurity researchers with HackerOne. On Thursday the company announced a public program.

With our continued growth and visibility, we’re now ready to make the program public and expand the participation to anyone wanting to make a meaningful security impact on Reddit. As we scale the program, our priority will remain focused on protecting the privacy of our user data and identities. We know each security researcher has their own skills and perspective that they bring to the program, and we encourage anyone to submit a report that shows security impact. We’re super excited to hit this milestone and have prepared our team for what’s to come.

Creator of Apollo App Asking For Animal Shelter Donations

Christian Selig, creator of popular Reddit client Apollo, took to Reddit yesterday. He’s asking for animal shelter donations to support his local shelter.

Our local animal shelter (SPCA, similar to ASPCA in the states but Canadian) is overflowing with kittens thanks to kitten season (warm weather means kittens breed a lot) and running low on food so I wanted to make a donation but figured the Apple/Reddit community is a great generous bunch so I wanted to use that to maybe raise some more money for the shelter, so 100% of Apollo’s proceeds today are going to the shelter to get them food and supplies!

Apollo is free to download, and there’s an in-app purchase for the Pro version. If you’re already a Pro member, you can make use of the Tip Jar in the app settings.

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