Remotion Developers Deliver New Way to Share Fun Custom Digital Radio Stations with WFH.FM


Today we’re looking at a new project from the Remotion team called WFH.FM, a website where anyone is able to share their own custom digital radio stations.

Using WFH.FM, users can create digital radio stations featuring Spotify, YouTube and animated gifs.

The Remotion Team Introduces WFH.FM

At the end of July, we took a look at Remotion, a new macOS-only client that allows users to stream media while in a FaceTime call. Controlling a Spotify app locally, users can create a Remotion Room and gather friends or coworkers to share a Spotify listening experience. Now, Remotion is bringing something that focuses even more on the fun side of music sharing with WFH.FM.

Inspired by PoolsuiteFM, WFH.FM is a way for people to share music and bond asynchronously. Ideally meant for teams that work remotely yet want to connect, the website is a unique way users can share media with each other.

Features of WFH.FM include:

  • Every mix is based around a Spotify Playlist or YouTube link.
  • Capture the vibe behind the playlist by arranging GIFs, images and even videos.
  • Custom URLs for you and your team to add your mixes to a shared space.
  • No need to login or create accounts. Users can simply remember a simply edit_key for their stations.

When you first visit the website, it will bring up an old-school Windows-looking operating system. Different windows correspond to the different options the app provides. Overall, the aesthetic is definitely reminiscent of the early days of the internet, complete with the random chaos that came with it.

In addition to the various media you can add to your “desktop”, users can also share their creations with the world. Additionally, users also have the option to either share mixes as a collaboration, or simply allow others to view the station.

WFH.FM allows users to experience all the glory of the messy days of the early internet.

Concerning saving, remember to keep your edit_key from the URL while you are editing, this will allow you to come back later and make changes should you need to.

Listen to the Custom ‘Mac Observer’ Radio Station

Naturally, I had to make one for The Mac Observer, which you can find here. Complete with the soundtrack to season one of Physical, as well as my other Apple Music suggestions from the month, it was certainly a lot of fun to make, and just as fun to share.

Goofy? Yes. Chaotic? Also yes. Fun? Absolutely. I highly recommend building your own and sharing them with friends, family or coworkers. For something rather simple, there’s a lot of different ways to explore the site creatively.

Unfortunately, the site is currently only available on desktop browsers, but hopefully they’ll find a way to deliver it to smartphones sometime in the future. But for now, feel free to check out WFH.FM and create your own custom radio station!

Be sure to check out WFH.FM at their website. You can also check out the official Remotion website.

Got a cool radio station to share with us? Let us know in the comments.

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