Rounding Up Everything We Know About the Rumored OLED iPad

rumored OLED iPad

As Apple updates its current iPad lineup with all the bells and whistles, one question remains to be answered. Is Apple pushing through with the rumored OLED iPad?

Rumored OLED iPad in 2024

Over the past decade, Apple has introduced iPad models with LCD and miniLED displays. For this year’s iPad lineup, Apple still used the miniLED display. So the rumors about the OLED iPad remained. Apple is said to be preparing the OLED iPad and could launch it in 2024.

First, DSCC’s Ross Young said that the OLED upgrade will happen across all iPad Pro models. He also believed that Apple will be ready to launch the rumored OLED iPad in 2024. He cited evidence that LG Display is working on developing two different OLED displays for a future iPad. LG hopes to become Apple’s sole supplier of the OLED iPad Pro models.

Meanwhile, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple will bring OLED technology first to the iPad Air and next to the entry-level iPad models, including the iPad Mini.

Production to Start in 2023

The OLED iPad rumor gained even more ground when a report from The Elec said that Samsung had opened a new production line of OLED displays for the iPad. The report noted that production of the said display will begin in 2023. So now, we have two possible component suppliers for a rumored OLED iPad. Later on, The Elec reported that Samsung and another supplier have begun working on the second generation OLED iPad even before the first generation OLED iPad started production.

The Korea Times followed up on the reports about the OLED iPad release in 2024. It reported that Apple has been working on the final prototypes of the OLED iPad with Samsung and LG. The said iPad will have better image quality and will be lighter in weight.

That said, the projected 2024 timeline for the release of the rumored OLED iPad seems the most likely to happen. Apple might update its iPad Pro lineup in 2023 with the same miniLED display but with more powerful features and perhaps newer chips. This would be a fitting preparation for the OLED iPad Pro in 2024.

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