Rumors Circulating of New MacBook Air and 13-Inch MacBook Pro


Fans of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air may be disappointed at the lack of news during Apple’s Spring Event, but big things are happening. Trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that both a new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air may be arriving.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air to be redesigned
A new MacBook Air is expected to be announced soon, with many expecting it to contain the M2 chip.

While rumors about a new MacBook Air have been circulating for a while now, there are reports that an all new redesign may be in development. Currently, the debate is about which chip would go into the new product. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that it will be an updated M1, while other sources are claiming it will be the M2. It would be great to see the latest technology housed inside a MacBook Air, though an updated M1 would potentially keep the prices down.

With the codename J413, the new Air is in development, with many expecting it to contain the M2 chip. Although the M1 is based on the A15, which has an eight-core CPU, the new M2 should have a beefier nine to ten-core GPU. The M2 is expected to solely replace the M1. This would leave previous high-end M1 chips in demand. There are talks of the M2 turning to the M2 Pro, Max and Ultra sometime in the near future.

Ming-Chi Kuo also hinted that more color options will be arriving for the MacBook Air.

13-Inch MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro running macOS monterey

While some¬†argue that the 13-inch MacBook Pro needs to go, there are reports that the device is expected to return, though Apple is considering dropping ‘Pro’ from the name. This rebranding would make the new laptop an entry-level model, with the potential that the Air may grow more expensive.

Codenamed J493, the new Pro is based on current models. It is expected to retain the same design as previous models. Rumors state that this model will still retain the ‘Pro’ name, though the new machines are expected not to contain the M2 or any high-end chips.

Release Date

As of this time there is no word of a release date for either product. Ming-Chi Kuo is expecting the MacBook Pro to deliver at the beginning of 2023. Currently both products are still in rumored development.

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  • The M1 (and subsequent updates) are based on the A14 processor, and share the same Icestorm and Firestorm cores. The M1 does have 8 cores (6+2) while the A14 in the iPhone 12 has 6 (2+4). The A15 is an SoC (found in the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max) with improved power efficiency and improved GPU performance based on the Blizzard and Avalanche Cores in a 2-4 design. Folks awaiting M2 based Macs later this year and next year should expect an SoC with a 2+6 design, perhaps 2+8, and improved battery life from the CPU with the main difference being GPU performance over the A14/M1 family of SoCs. Meanwhile, the iPhone lineup will move forward to the A16 and a new process node for improved performance and efficiency, as the iPhone is the chief recipient of new Apple Silicon and the iPad and Mac are about 6/12 months lagged behind.

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