Spotify Introduces new Home Feeds, Offers More Access to Music and Podcasts


Spotify has now announced a new redesign and update for its Home (the app’s main screen) on the mobile app, improving Home Feeds. The new Home Feeds aims to help users discover new entertainment they may enjoy. Spotify is also introducing different sections for music and podcasts.

Spotify Introduces a New Home Feeds Experience

While Spotify’s new Home experience is currently rolling out to Android users, Spotify promises that the new Home feature will ”soon be available on iOS”. The new Home experience for Spotify is going to include feeds for both Music and Podcasts & Shows. The aim is for users to be able to quickly and easily scroll through content to find what they’re looking for in the moment.

The new update promises to bring a more personalized experience while also allowing users to have more expansive access to their recommendations.

For the music feed, users will be able to access suggestions based around their musical taste. Users will also have access to album and playlist recommendations as well as accessible buttons that give users the option to share, like and play music instantly.

Furthermore, for the Podcast & Shows feed, users will have direct access to new episodes of their favorite shows, while also having access to personalized podcast recommendations. Additionally, users will also be able to read descriptions for episodes, add podcasts to their “Your Episodes” list, and have the ability to start podcasts without leaving the page.

Bringing the Update

In terms of Spotify, the company has been making a wave of noticeable improvements over the last couple of weeks. At the end of July, the company introduced Blends and Friends Mix, allowing users to create personalized playlists with their friends. The company also added dedicated play and shuffle buttons for premium subscribers.

Spotify also discontinued their hardware accessory Car Thing.

Spotify redesigning Home to account for both podcasts and music will ultimately be a good thing for users. The current setup can make finding podcasts rather difficult, as they often become buried beneath the music. Funny enough, podcasts can then make finding the music you want to hear a difficult task. Separating podcasts and music into more distinct categories will be especially helpful.

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