Supply Chain Issues Force Apple to Let Some Customers Take Devices Back Home While Awaiting Parts

supply chain issues

Typically, when you drop off your iPhone, iPad or Mac to Apple for service, Apple doesn’t give it back until it’s fixed. In a rare move caused by ongoing supply chain issues, some Apple Stores and authorized service partners are making exceptions to that rule. When Apple’s forced to wait longer than expected for a required part, it’s allowing customers to take their devices back home.

New Policy In Select Locations

The Cupertino-based company pointed out during its most recent earnings call that it continued to suffer some effects of the global chip shortage and related supply chain issues. We normally hear about this affecting ship times for new orders, but the problems apparently impact repair components, too.

Select Apple repair locations are implementing new policies because of these slowdowns. These allow customers to take their devices home when getting parts for a repair will take too long. It’s up to the individual service center to decide whether or not a customer is eligible for this provision. So, there may be inconsistencies from one location to another about what kinds of repairs warrant the special treatment.

In the event Apple allows a customer to take their device home, it will notify them once the component arrives. After that, customers have five days to return the device to Apple to finish the work. If the customer doesn’t make it back in time, the service center can cancel the repair.

Supply Chain Issues Delaying Some Parts By Two Months

The crunch must really be kicking in for Apple. Likely, COVID-19 lockdowns and work stoppages in parts of China have further compounded the supply chain issues . Sources revealed to MacRumors that repair parts for the MacBook Pro, such as the 16-inch display for the laptop, are taking up to two months to reach certain regions.

Other components, such as the top case for some MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, can take several weeks to arrive. This part includes the battery, keyboard, and internal chassis for those laptops.

Naturally, Apple is only making this allowance to customers whose devices are still functional and usable without the repair. That being said, it can still be frustrating for customers to have to wait for the needed parts to arrive. Hopefully, Apple’s geographical diversification of its supply chain will start helping the situation soon.

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