The Retro 67 Charger from Shargeek Rocks Retro Looks with Modern Functionality


Shargeek is introducing the Retro 67 Charger with Power Display, an absolutely stellar-looking charger featuring a classic Macintosh design.

Including a max output of 67-watts, the Retro 67 charger also features a power display, 3 USB-C ports and GaN technology.

Retro 67 Charger from Shargeek Offers Efficient Charging with Style

Paying homage to both Macintosh and The Matrix, the new Retro 67 offers an upgrade to Shargeek’s Retro 35. Offering not only functionality, the new charger from Shargeek can also be a great collectable for any Apple fan.

Featuring a real-time power display, the device not only provides users with the charging status of their device in real-time, but also produces cool Matrix-style effects.

In thanks to its 3 USB-C ports, the Retro 67 supports several different types of fast charging protocols, including PD3.0, QC3.0, SCP/FCP, Apple 2.4 and more. In thanks to its max output of 67-watts, the Retro 67 is capable of bringing the new M2 MacBook Air to a full charge in less than two hours. It’s also capable of bringing an iPhone to a 50% charge in just thirty minutes.

Additionally, the inclusion of 3 USB-C ports allows charging of multiple devices, with the Retro 67 being capable of efficiently distributing power across the three ports. Single-port charging can deliver the full 67-watts, whereas two-port charging can provide either 20-watts and 40-watts of power, or have two ports with 15-watts of power. Three-port charing provides a 45-watt port and two 15-watt ports.

The device also features several layers of protection, including:

  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Undervoltage Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection

Features, Availability and More

Along with several different layers of protection, the new Retro 67 from Shargeek also features different adaptors available as add-ons. These different adaptors are able to provide charging for most countries around the globe, including adaptors for U.K., Australia and the EU.

Currently available through IndieGogo, Shargeek is also offering a variety of specials on the new device. Right now, customers can receive the Retro 67 charger for $39, which is half-off the product’s retail value. The company is also offering the Retro 67 alongside several Retro USB-C cables, and is offering a discount when you buy multiples of the charger.

The company is also offering 51% off the Retro 35 charger. Wherein customers can pay $29 for the retro single-port charger.

The new Retro 67 with Power Display from Shargeek is available here.

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