U.S. Carriers Launching Project Verify App to Replace Passwords

AT&T, Spring, T-Mobile, and Verizon are partnering on something called Project Verify. It’s an app that will serve as a single sign-on service to replace your passwords. Those in the computer security industry aren’t impressed though.

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Project Verify

It works similarly to single sign-on options like Google or Facebook. Essentially, the app authenticates app logins, and verifies users through their phone number, phone account type, SIM card details, IP address, and account tenure. We don’t know when it will be launching except for some time in 2019, and there is no mention of apps partnering with the service.

Security expert Brian Krebs says there are problems with Project Verify though, like how carriers have a terrible track record when it comes to security. Although some apps could require an additional security measure like a PIN, if someone can access your device, they can log into any service that you have.

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