5 iPhone Xs USB-C Accessories For Your Charging Needs

Apple is including the standard 5W USB power adapter with the new iPhones. However, there are plenty of other options on the market. Here are five iPhone Xs USB-C accessories we think you might be interested in. Not just for the iPhone Xs though; some will work with other models as well. However, only iPhone 8 and above have wireless charging.

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PowerVolt 3.0

Image of PowerVolt car adapter in our roundup of iPhone Xs USB-C accessories. The PowerVolt is a USB-C / USB-A fast charger that can charge two devices simultaneously. The 18W USB-C port can charge the latest phones from Apple with up to 3X the power of a standard USB charger. The 12W USB-A port delivers more than 2X the standard power to a second device. PowerVolt 3.0 is available in two models for either car or home use. US$24.99 and US$34.99, respectively, and available now.

MagicMount Pro Charge

Image of MagicMount stand in our roundup of iPhone Xs USB-C accessories. MagicMount is a Qi Certified wireless charging magnetic mount for car windows and dashboards. The device boasts up to 10W of wireless charging power and features an open design for easy access to all device controls and ports. US$59.99 and available now.

Nimble Wireless Pad

Image of Nimble wireless charge pad in our roundup of iPhone Xs USB-C accessories. This wireless charger is designed to wirelessly charge an iPhone 8 or later at 7.5W for the most efficient speeds available. Includes a QC 3.0 wall adapter for the fastest charge. Charge your phone wirelessly, and connect a second phone or other USB devices, simultaneously, using the additional USB-A port provided. An included USB-C and input port supported by fail-safe circuitry ensures the safest connection, while managing power currents and temperature. It’s available now for US$39.95.

Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand

Image of Anker charging stand in our roundup of iPhone Xs USB-C accessories. Anker is well known in the battery and charging industry, and they have high quality products. The PowerWave 7.5 Stand can power any wirelessly-charged device in your arsenal at an uninterrupted 5W. Charging power is boosted to 7.5W for iPhone. Twin charging coils let you watch videos in landscape orientation, or stand in portrait mode for web browsing and facial recognition—all while keeping the power flowing. Available now for US$29.99.

Aukey 26500mAh Power Bank

Image of Aukey power bank in our roundup of iPhone Xs USB-C accessories. Aukey has a massive 26500mAh power bank which is great when you’re traveling. It can fully charge your iPhone 8 10 times, or 9.7-inch iPad Pro 3 times With Universal Charging it provides 3A total output to charge a USB-C device and three USB-A devices simultaneously (the USB-C port can supply a powerful 3A by itself). Recharge your power bank via USB-C, Lightning, or micro-USB port. Available now for US$52.99.

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