YouTube Redesign Makes Dark Mode Darker, Adds New Features

YouTube redesign

The most popular video sharing service online is tweaking its design in ways that should please quite a few folks. It’s adding a handy pinch-to-zoom feature, rolling out an ambient mode to better integrate the user experience with the playing video, and more. Let’s talk about the changes included in the YouTube redesign rolling out over the next few weeks.

A Darker Dark Mode and Ambient Color Integration Highlight YouTube Redesign

Not log after improving the sound experience of YouTube TV on Apple TV, it’s time for Alphabet to improve the original product a bit more. YouTube is taking advantage of dynamic color sampling to better draw your eyes and focus on the content. On individual videos as well as playlists, the ew ambient mode will kick in whenever you have dark mode enabled. It tweaks the background color of the app to better match the colors within the video.

At the same time, the YouTube redesign is making its dark mode even darker. This will apply on the web, on smart TVs and in the service’s mobile apps. YouTube’s UX director, Nate Koechley, says it will help “colors truly pop on your screen.”

New Pinch-to-Zoom and Thumbnail Features

Another great addition is the ability to pinch-to-zoom the videos you’re watching. This feature works in the iOS app and allows you to zoom in on a video and have the image stay zoomed in after you lift your fingers. This will let you enjoy the video in closer detail without your fingers getting in the way.

For when you’re watching a video and need to rewind or fast forward to find some detail, it’s about to get even easier. YouTube is adding more precise seeking, with thumbnails to help you locate exactly what you’re looking for. This feature will work both on desktop and mobile and is great for following along with tutorials.

Other design changes include changing links in video descriptions to buttons and resizing the Like, Share and Download buttons to minimize distractions. YouTube has also changed its Subscribe button to stand out more.

Some of the YouTube redesign has already rolled out, but other aspects may take a few weeks to reach everyone.

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