Apple Offers $10 Film Bundles for 10 Years of iTunes Movies

Apple is offering 10-movie bundles for US$10 to celebrate ten years of movie sales on the iTunes Store. The collections include movies such as “Pacific Rim,” “Superman Returns,” “Knocked Up,” “The Wolf of Wallstreet,” “No Country for Old Men,” and “The Queen.”Apple is also highlighting the top the iTunes movies (sorry, no deals there) over the past decade with—no surprise—loads of Pixar titles. The bundles are great deals, so be sure to check them out today before they’re gone because this is a 24-hour sale.

The Art of Smacking Apple Around as Entertainment Pays Handsomely

Numbers and facts are boring. Entertainment is fun. That’s true whether the subject is politics or technology.  If you can entertain people who are bored with facts, light them up in fact, your publication will do well. For example, crafty editors know that there’s money to be made bad-mouthing Apple. It will never stop. And it will never cease to amaze us. Jonny Evans ponders and John Martellaro explains.

Hands-On with iPhone 7 Home Button: Disappointing Haptic Feedback, Increased Functionality

Apple had two major changes in iPhone 7 beyond incremental improvements. The first is the much-talked about lack of an auxiliary port for headphones, but the other will effect the way we do things far longer than the transition to Lightning audio. That’s moving from a physical Home Button to a touch-sensitive, stationary Home Button. Here’s what Bryan Chaffin thought about it during his hands-on session at Apple’s media event.

The iPhone 7 Giveaway

Our friends at Stack Commerce have put together an iPhone 7 giveaway to celebrate Friday’s launch. All you have to do to enter is sign up to receive TMO’s deal emails, something you should do anyway. You can earn extra entries by promoting the giveaway, too.   Check out the giveaway’s webpage for the details, and good luck!

TMO Daily Observations 2016-09-09: The Day the iPhone got Faster than the MacBook

Benchmark tests show the Apple’s brand new iPhone 7 Plus A10 processer is faster than the 2016 MacBook. Bryan Chaffin and John Kheit join Jeff Gamet to look at what those performance tests mean, why it’s a big deal that an iPhone can be faster than a MacBook, and what would happen if Apple put its own processors in the Mac lineup.