Apple Watch Series 5 Tells Time (And Does Other Stuff Too)

Apple played a few videos during the “By Innovation Only” event Tuesday. My favorite was the clip introducing the Apple Watch Series 5. It was funny, and riffed on the “yeah, but does it tell time,” snark too often thrown at the Apple Watch. At the same time, it showed off all the features in the latest iteration of the device.

Phone Carrier Visible Will Offer the iPhone 11

Visible, a prepaid phone carrier running on Verizon’s network, plans to offer the iPhone 11 to customers. The company will carry all three devices (Phone 11, Pro, and Pro Max) as of September 20, offering 0% financing, no money down, no upgrade fees, overnight free shipping. Visible is also running a promotion with Mastercard where if you buy the phone from them, you’ll get a $200 virtual card to use anywhere you’d like. Bookmark Visible’s website and put it on your calendar for September 20. You can also read my review of Visible here.