Here's How to Quickly See Which Apple Stores have iPhone 7 in Stock

If you’re on the hunt for an iPhone 7, iStockNow makes that task easier by showing exactly which stores have some in stock. The site mashes up Google Maps and Apple’s own back-end inventory system to drop pins on ever Apple Store. Green pins mean a store has some iPhone 7 inventory, and red means they’re out of stock. You can also set filters to see if the size, color, and carrier you want are available, and you check specific cities, too. We were able to tell right away that Colorado and California are good states for getting a new iPhone right now; Washington and Florida, not so much.

Poll: Which iPhone 7 Home Button Haptic Click Level Did You Choose?

We’re running an informal poll for our readers and listeners on Twitter. Which home button haptic click level did you choose on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? We published a tip yesterday if you’re wanting to revisit the setting you chose during setup. As for the poll, you can see the results after choosing, but so far, only a few miscreants like our own Dave Hamilton have chosen level 1. I’d love to see a lot of data on this, so help spread the poll.

TASCAM Users: Don't Upgrade to macOS Sierra Yet

As has become unfortunately typical from TASCAM, macOS Sierra-compatible drivers for much of their audio hardware are not yet available. Previous years have seen a three-to-six month wait after the release of each new build of OS X for TASCAM to finally put out even preliminary public beta drivers.

TL;DR: if you use TASCAM audio hardware, don’t upgrade to macOS Sierra yet. Check back around Christmas. Maybe.

Snapping Raw Photos in iOS 10: What You Need to Know

One of the cool new features Apple added with iOS 10 is support for capturing photos as Raw files—a favorite for photographers who want total control over their images. Snapping Raw photos isn’t as simple as flipping a switch on your iPhone, but it doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Read on to get up to speed on iOS 10’s Raw image support.