HomePod from a Musicians Perspective – TMO Daily Observations 2018-02-13

Dave Hamilton and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to look at HomePod from a musician’s perspective, discuss how the smart speaker works with Apple TV, and more.

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One thought on “HomePod from a Musicians Perspective – TMO Daily Observations 2018-02-13

  • I wonder if Dave listens back to his comments on TMO?

    You spent a substantial amount of time talking about the Audio Quality and microphone quality of HomePod. How well it fills a room and how well it picks up commands from a distance and then he closes by saying Apple doesn’t get it, we need a dot competitor.

    So, If a single HomePod fills a large room. Two of them should handle say a great room, and if 1 picks up your voice well in adjacent rooms a couple spread through your house might cover your entire house.

    So why would we need some low quality low cost dot like hardware from Apple? How far down can Apple drop the sound quality and still make it such that it is great quality audio? I’m not saying I wouldn’t love to see the price come down to $250 over time but I’m not sure a low quality version really makes sense.

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