Oprah, Prince Harry, and JJ Abrams on Apple TV+, Ming-Chi Kuo’s Mac Predictions, with Charlotte Henry – ACM 509

Queen Oprah and the UK’s Prince Harry are doing a docu-series on mental health for Apple TV+, and Bryan Chaffin is joined by Charlotte Henry to talk about what that says about Apple’s video efforts. Charlotte also brings some across-the-pond context about Prince Harry and the royal family and how this news was greeted in England. They also talk about JJ Abrams saying that working on Apple TV+ was like the Wild West. They cap the show by discussing Ming-Chi Kuo’s most recent Mac predictions.

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One thought on “Oprah, Prince Harry, and JJ Abrams on Apple TV+, Ming-Chi Kuo’s Mac Predictions, with Charlotte Henry – ACM 509

  • Not doing it for the money? Are you kidding me ? Harry doesn’t need the money, but I guarantee it’s a fundraiser for one of his charities. He doesn’t fund them himself, you know.

    As for Oprah? Maybe you didn’t suffer the indignity of “Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure” where she based a whole series of her shows touting for Tourism Australia. It was embarrassing for Australians – Oprah sailing Sydney Harbour with Russell Crow wearing his football club’s cap -and apparently made no impact on Americans, the target market, or you might have remembered it.

    These two are the epitome of ‘can be bought’… FOR THE RIGHT PRICE. And however ASTRONOMICAL, Apple has the resources to do that.

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