Is It Time to Replace Your AirPort Router? – Mac Geek Gab 707

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APFS support in third-party apps continues to grow, there’s now an app to search for 32-bit apps, secondary iCloud IDs might work well for you, and Apple’s official acknowledgement of the end of the AirPort router line brings up one of our favorite topics again: what Wi-Fi solution is best for your home? John and Dave talk through all of this, all for you. Just like Sister Hazel sang. Or something like that. Just press play and enjoy!

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One thought on “Is It Time to Replace Your AirPort Router? – Mac Geek Gab 707

  • I believe it was in this episode you mentioned sharing a MacOS Photos Library between two users. I think you addressed this by setting up a shared AppleID just for Photos.

    I have used a different approach. I put my Photos Library on an external drive on a mac with a login account for each person I want to share the Photos Library with. I set that library as the system photo library for each user. In my case, my wife and two kids. I enabled Photo Stream on that Mac and on everyone’s iPhone. Every few days I log into the Mac as each of the different users and Photo Stream downloads the new photos from everyone’s phone and merges them into the single shared library. One note of caution, I do not use fast user switching to move between user accounts; I logout of one account and log into the next since I am not sure what MacOS keeps running in the background when you do fast switching and I don’t think having two users having photos open against the same library at the same time would be a good thing.

    This works great for giving us a single shared master library with everyone’s photos. I have not tested this with iCloud Photos Library yet since my library is very large and I didn’t want to buy that much iCloud Storage.

    I hav also done something similar with Google Photos; setup a dedicated family pictures gmail account and turn Google Photos on on everyone’s phone (and the shared mac) logged into that account. With the free High Quality image setting in Google Photos we get free unlimited photo storage and everyone in the family can see all of the photos.

    For what it’s worth,


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