Mid-Range iPhone, Apple’s Media Moves – TMO Daily Observations 2019-08-28

Charlotte Henry and John Martellaro join host Kelly Guimont to discuss iPhone model (perceived) gaps and Apple’s recent streaming ramp up.

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One thought on “Mid-Range iPhone, Apple’s Media Moves – TMO Daily Observations 2019-08-28

  • Great show as usual. Thanks.
    The 4″ phone ship has sailed, except for a ‘weekend phone’ that tries to be a dumb phone to help the self-distracted give up their notification addiction. The comments about engineering considerations and developers’ screen sizes being relevant here. As for the guts? I find myself agreeing with Charlotte, here. Maybe not this year’s CPU, but certainly last year’s guts in a 6 series case (who really needs wireless charging? I don’t even want it in a top-of-the-line iPhone!) COULD be made into an ATTRACTIVELY priced phone for those that aren’t going to pay (even Apple) laptop prices for a phone. And if those guts don’t fit, there’s the XR case that could be made cheaply with a better-than-XR screen (that screen is the pits), with or without rounded corners, developer considerations to determine which.

    Amazon/Netflix mentioned in the same breath as tv+, began producing Originals ON TOP OF an existing Service, for which people already gladly paid $10 a month because of the depth of content. HBO as an Original producer was bundled with the cable Service… even though it’s closest to the model Apple appears to be employing. There is no comparable service to tv+ as we know it. There needs to be a ‘Service’ attached to Apple’s Originals to get anywhere near $10/month, no matter how many 4k streams it allows. Those wishing Apple to succeed are waiting for the other shoe to drop in video alone, because News, Games and even Music can’t save video Originals from the hole Apple’s dug for itself.

    And whatever happened to the Netfilx only spent 1b in its first year of Originals comparison? Guess that’s lost in the hype. Netflix started Originals long before it needed to, because it could see a time when it would lose all its content deals back to the distributors who would start their own streaming services. One day Netflix will be an Originals only service and by then, they’ll have a library that might not get them the money they make now, (which pays to create the Original library, see how clever they are?) but will help them survive until the distributors decimate each other on the field of subscription fatigue they’re currently building, and either everyone charges $2.99/month for their catalogues or the distributors give up and sell it all back to Netflix again. Apple may indeed be skating to where the puck will be – smaller Originals catalogues for all services (except Disney… maybe… the ‘winner’ here) and either Apple charges 5x what everyone else is charging or meets-the-market, something it’s NEVER had to do before. Services, despite Apple’s fascination with them at the moment, are a mugs game. In the past, Apple has built successful ‘services’ out of devaluing other corporations’ content. Now that Apple is producing content, it wants to charge ‘what the content is worth’, something it’s NEVER had to do before. Services will indeed be a new-world for Apple. I doubt current Apple management will survive it.

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