Martellaro Monday: Apple Events and Technical Load – TMO Daily Observations 2021-09-13

John Martellaro joins host Kelly Guimont for a preview of the iPhone announcement and examines the “technical load” of the upgrade path.

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One thought on “Martellaro Monday: Apple Events and Technical Load – TMO Daily Observations 2021-09-13

  • The biggest issue with upgrading/swapping an iPhone and iPad is the fact the apps are not copied directly from the old device to the new device. It used to be that devices were FULLY backed up, including apps on the device, using iTunes. Then Apple stopped fully backing up devices, forcing users to REDOWNLOAD their installed apps onto the new device. For users with many gigabytes of installed apps who have limited bandwidth and monthly data restrictions, redownloading apps is big time and data hit. When I updated my iPhone two years ago I did it at the Apple Store. They went through the whole process of moving data from my old iPhone to the new iPhone, BUT the apps were not moved. The apps had to be redownloaded. Even using their high speed network in the store, that process still took over 30 minutes. What a time waste, but at least I used their bandwidth and data. Apple definitely needs to rethink how devices are backed up and restored. I understand that their push for thinness and the move to SSDs on their Mac models has resulted in smaller disk storage available. So it makes some sense that things that are already “in the cloud” could be restored from the cloud. BUT the choice should be the user’s decision. If I have the space available on my computer, Apple should let me fully back my devices locally and not rely on the cloud.

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