Apple Gets Permit to Test Self Driving Cars on California Roads

· Jeff Gamet · News

Apple gets permit to test autonomous driving cars on California roads

Apple now has a permit to test drive autonomous vehicles on public roads in California, which is a pretty clear sign the company is still doing something with its not so secret car project dubbed Titan.

Apple Tells NHTSA That All Autonomous Car Prototypes Are Created Equal

· Jim Tanous · News

autonomous cars

Apple reignited interest in its autonomous car project with a letter to Federal regulators arguing that “new entrants” into the autonomous vehicle industry should have just as many rights as the established automakers when it comes to testing prototypes on public roads.

Uber Wants all of the Self-Driving Vehicle Market

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Uber self-driving Volvo

Self-driving cars just took a big leap forward, and it’s Uber who’s behind the wheel. The ride sharing company is rolling out self-driving cars in Pittsburgh this month as the first step in a much larger autonomous vehicle plan.

Patent Filing Error Means no Military Apple Tanks are Coming

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Apple tank patent

Yesterday the internet was busy speculating about why Apple patented an articulated joint system that’s perfect for military vehicles. The patent seemed out of place for an electric car, and it turns out that’s the case because the law firm handling patents for Apple says it was accidentally assigned to the wrong company thanks to a clerical error.