Private Browsing Mode isn't Just for Porn

· Jeff Gamet · How-To

Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome private browsing windows

Not sure why you might need to use private browsing mode in Safari, Firefox, or Chrome on your Mac? Here’s how to enable the feature, and some ideas on how it can help online.

macOS: Recover Lost Tabs and Windows in Safari

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

In this Quick Tip, Melissa Holt’s gonna go over how to restore tabs or windows you accidentally closed in Safari. So if you’re one of those folks who keeps 75 tabs open and would be devastated if they went away, this trick’s for you!

For the Most Private Browsing Experience, Think Epic Browser

· Jeff Butts · Product News

Private Browsing with Epic Privacy Browser

People are growing increasingly concerned with private browsing, given the state of internet privacy in the US and other countries, as well as increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks. Jeff Butts is one of those concerned citizens, and has found out about a browser that takes security and privacy as seriously as he does.

The Punycode Phishing Attack on Web Browsers Ain’t So Puny

· Jeff Butts · Analysis

Punycode phishing attack

Jeff Butts never thought someone could register a domain name that looked exactly like, but then he saw the latest vulnerability of several major browsers. Follow along as he dissects the Punycode phishing attack, looking at why it works and how you can avoid it.

Safari: Importing Bookmarks (The New Way!)

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

Today’s Quick Tip is about a really simple way you can import Chrome and Firefox bookmarks into Safari, so if you wanna bring everything together, you can do so in a flash. We’ll tell you how!

OS X: Using Safari’s "Open Page With" Feature

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

Safari’s got a hidden way to help you open a page in another browser you’ve got installed, and this feature’s really helpful for troubleshooting problems with websites. Melissa Holt’s gonna give us the rundown in today’s Quick Tip.

How to Clear Mac's Browser Cache: Chrome, Firefox and Safari

· John Martellaro · Quick Tip

Digital data

Sometimes it’s desirable to make sure one is looking at the very latest web pages, sometimes for casual use, often for news or development work. To do that means emptying the browser’s saved cache and reloading a fresh page. John shows how to do that for three popular browsers on the Mac.