iOS: How to Use Excel’s Insert Data From Picture to Scan Spreadsheets

Microsoft announced that its feature for Excel called ‘Insert Data From Picture’ is now available for its iOS app. Previously it was only available on Android.Excel insert data from picture

Insert Data From Picture

This feature lets you use the iPhone camera to scan data and transfer it into the app. It combines optical character recognition (OCR) technology and machine learning. Similar features are found in other iOS Microsoft apps, like PDF Reflow for Word and Office Lens.

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Tap the Insert data from picture button at the top (It looks like a camera on a grid).
  3. Position your iPhone over the physical spreadsheet you want to import. Hold it closer until you see it surrounded by a red border.
  4. The app will process the photo and convert it into a table. You can correct the data in case the app got something wrong. Tap Ignore to move on, or Edit to fix it.
  5. Tap Insert when you’re done.

You can download Excel here.

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